One of the simplest way to capture video is by mirroring your iPhone/ipad on to your PC with the help of Reflector App. And then use third party recording tools such as Camtasia or WebEx to record any scenario. Please note that the Airplay feature works only for the mentioned devices

iPhone 4s and above
iPad 2 or later
iPad mini
iPod Touch (5th Generation)
Apple TV (2nd or 3rd Generation)


  •   PC /laptop connected to a Wi-Fi.
  •   Third Party Recording Tool like Camtasia, Cisco WebEx Recorder to be installed in PC/laptop.
  •   Above mentioned iPhone/iPad connected to the Wi-Fi.
  •   Installing the Reflector Software into your PC.

Reflector Software can downloaded and Installed from

Mirroring the Device into your PC

A.    Open the Reflector
B.    Allow Access if Blocked by Firewall
C.    Right Click on the Reflector icon and Click on the  Show preferences
D.    Select the Optimum resolution for your device and Add password

E.    Turn on the iPad/iPhone and make sure it’s connected to Wi-Fi Router.
F.     Check the bottom of the Device.

Step 1

G.   Tap on the Airplay icon

Step 2


H. Computer name will be seen on the popup as seen above. Enter the password which was entered in the preferences and tap on the connect button.
I.  Turn mirroring on and the device should be seen on your PC.

J. Right Click and you can exit full Screen (Alt+F).

Step 3

K. Now we can use any third party recording tools such as camtasia or Cisco WebEx recorder to record a scenario from the PC.

Note: Trial mode of Reflector Software can run only up to 10 Mins.